Workplace Violence Awareness Training: The Presentation Every CEO, CFO, & HR Manager Needs to See!

In a world filled with vague suggestions and talking heads regurgitating the same workplace violence awareness training while ignoring some very important factors, this presentation exposes what every CEO, CFO and HR, Facilities, and/or Security Manager needs to hear about making your company more “attack-proof” with regards to workplace violence – especially if you’re interested in not only your own and your employees’ safety, but in maintaining your company’s reputation, liability-control, and staying off of the 6 o’clock news!

Be careful though, not only is this not the same ‘passive’ prevention-oriented material, it also contains some very real truths about attacker mindset and why “who” you choose to help you with this critical part of your company’s security can make all the difference between real safety, and having another “feel-good,” but un-enforced/worked policy that accounts for over 85% of all those created on a regular basis.

In addition to expanding on the different attacker / situation types, this introductory presentation explains a huge misconception held by many C-Level executive that keeps the right training out of their companies, provides an 8-Phase Strategic Model that both expands on the often misunderstood realm of self-defense, and offers a much-expanded and ethical model for effective response and resolution.

Also included are the 4 parts of what OSHA defines as a “complete” workplace violence plan that form what I call, “The Missing Link,” in all but a tiny fraction of the workplace violence policies in the U.S. Considering that only about 30% of all companies have an active and “functional” workplace violence policy in place at all, means that the FBI’s prediction that the workplace is most likely the most dangerous place a person can find themselves is undoubtedly true.

What about you? What about your company?

If after going through this workplace violence awareness presentation, you’d like to discuss your security, policy/plan development, and/or employee training needs, feel free to contact WCI Consulting at:, or by calling +1-570-884-1119.

Let’s face it. A workplace violence incident can cost your company more than money, lost-time, or lives. Without the right protection, it can and will get you some very unwanted publicity on the evening news!