Defend Yourself Against Workplace Violence! The Worst Time to Think About Self-Defense Training!

By Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI

self-defense and workplace violenceYou know that getting ethical self-defense training is important in protecting yourself and your people against workplace violence, right? It’s part of your “Plan ‘B’ for when your workplace violence prevention policy has failed and you or one of your people is face-to-face with a cold, hard, and determined attacker.

That’s probably why you’re reading this. But knowing something – thinking about that thing, regardless of how intent you may be about taking action on it…

…is NOT the same thing as doing something – as taking that action – about it.

And self-defense is no different. In fact, if you really want to be able to defend yourself in a workplace violence incident, you can’t afford to fall into a very specific type of trap. This article not only focuses on this “trap,” but also on what I call the “point-of-no-return” in a self-defense situation!

First, let’s focus on this “trap” to which I keep alluding.

Do you know what it is? Any ideas?

To help you discover it for yourself, let me ask you a few questions. Okay?

1) What did you do today to increase your physical strength, so that you have a better chance of fighting off a bigger, stronger attacker – of quickly evading punches, kicks, or even gunfire?

2) What did you do today to increase your ability to remain focused on a single thing; not accidentally but intentionally? Take your eyes off of your assailant in a brutal attack, and it could be the last thing you ever do. Literally!

3) What do you do on a regular basis to give yourself an “early warning” signal, of sorts, of the possibility of danger? What systems do you have in place which would allow you to very quickly assess and identify potential trouble at intersections while driving, in restaurants, in your workplace, etc?

And finally…

4) What actual self-defense skills did you PHYSICALLY practice today, this week… or this month that can increase your chances of surviving an attack?

Do you see where this is going?

The trap that many people who are “interested in,” or even those who currently “study self-defense,” fall into is this…

…they spend most of whatever time they dedicate to this pursuit to merely reading about, thinking about, or watching videos about self-defense and workplace violence.

They’re not actually training. They’re not actually “doing.” They’re just “thinking about it.”

The Point of No Return!

And this all leads to what matters most – to what you will do when you hit the point-of-no-return in a self-defense attack situation.

Do you know what the “point-of-no-return” is?

It’s that point where you can’t get a “do-over,” an extension on a project deadline, or even help from others who can do it for you.

It’s that point where your life and well-being is on the line and there’s no turning back.

He’s right there – in front of you – ready to, or already starting to do damage!

And, what you do at that moment – what you’re ABLE to do at that moment – is all that matters.

And, at this very moment, the last thing you want to be thinking about is self defense TRAINING.

At this moment, you must be actively engaged in self protection – in defending yourself!

Do you want to have the edge in a self defense situation? Are you serious about you and your people being able to ethically defend yourselves against and survive a real attack from an enraged and committed attacker bent on beating, breaking, or killing you?

Read my newest self defense book, “Fight Smarter – Not Harder!” to get more insights about the reality of surviving a hostile attack, regardless of whether we’re talking about violence in your workplace, on the street, or even in your home.

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Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTIJeffrey Miller SPS, DTI is an internationally-known ethical self-defense expert with over 35 years of training, study, and real-world experience defending against and surviving the same situations that you want to learn about. He is the author of the book, “Advanced Self-Defense Combat Tactics,” as well as the safety video, “Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro!, and the co-author of two books for healthcare professional leaders, including: “Workplace Violence in Mental and General Healthcare Settings” and “GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management.” Schedule a meeting to discuss your project and desired outcomes by contacting Mr. Miller through his company, WCI Consulting at: 570-884-1119, or via email at: [email protected]. You’ll be glad you did!